Food is Essential

COVID-19 is causing significant disruption across the food system and reducing our level of food security.

There are ways to reduce the disruption in our communities and reduce the pressure on the global food system, caused by COVID-19.

What can you do?

  • Share this survey with your friends, family, customers and suppliers


Other things you can do to support the COVID-19 response and recovery

  • You can volunteer some time to help our food community respond and recover from COVID-19
  • Try to grow or produce a bit more food in your home, this can be as simple as making bread or growing a small garden
  • Share your favourite Alberta food businesses, products or experiences online 
  • You can buy Alberta food products, patronize local restaurants, shop small and close to the source; this keeps more money circulating in the local economy, which helps create jobs and will speed up our economic recovery.
  • If you are looking for work, look for positions in food or agriculture.


Northlands is working with partners to:

  • Create more local linkages in the provincial food system
  • Shorten the distance that food needs to travel to get to your plate
  • Identify available resources that can support businesses adapt to COVID-19 requirements
  • Support citizens in receiving accurate and timely information about navigating our food system while it is experiencing this disruption
  • Increase the overall resiliency of our local food system
  • Improve our levels of food security