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· Scaling Up: The convergence of social economy and sustainability. Edited by Mike Gismondi, Sean Connelly, Mary Beckie, Sean Markey, and Mark Roseland - FREE PDF available

· Taking the Next Steps: Sustainability planning and collaboration in rural Canada. Edited by Lars K. Hallstrom, Mary A. Beckie, Glen T. Hvenegaard, and Karsten Mundel

· Growing local: Case studies on local food supply chains. Edited by Robert P. King, Michael S. Hand, and Miguel I. Gomez

· Sustainable food systems: Building a new paradigm. Edited by Terry Marsden and Adrian Morley

· Second nature urban agriculture: Designing productive cities. Edited by André Viljoen and Katrin Bohn

Research Articles and Reports

Okanagan Bioregion Institutional Procurement Study (Summary Report), April, 2018

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· Alberta Farmers' Market Association

· Eat Alberta - A non-profit sharing food knowledge

· Food Secure Canada - A non-profit working to advance food security and food sovereignty



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